Delectable Dee

I hate it when I've started writing on a thought and then somehow, would forget about the point I was trying to build and end up not knowing where or how to begin again. I find it really frustrating.

I have this poem I wrote about three years ago and until now, I still haven't finished it. I just couldn't find the right lines to end it. I seem to have exhausted every brain cell I have. I have scraped the bottom of my emotional barrel and came out with nothing. Well, nothing in a sense that the lines I came up with were mediocre. It is one particular poem I really love and it's exasperating when the words elude me.

I shall tackle the problem someday, when kissed by the cunning words, instead of fleeting teases, I shall write in graceful inspiration again.

6/19/2008 10:28:21 am

this piece is poetry enough. :)

sometimes, poets need not think. they just close their eyes and lift their feet to that magical limbo only literary virtuosos are allowed entrance...and guess what? you do have backstage pass, girl :D

6/19/2008 10:30:34 am

allowed *entry. whatever. haha.see, wa nko kbalo unsay sakto:P

6/20/2008 01:00:01 pm

you are one of my muse when it comes to words :)

and like what rain said.. this entry is poetry enough :)


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