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I was browsing through my old posts on my other site and it's been a rather amusing day. On my own, I could never remember vividly who and how I was five years ago. I can remember a fairly decent amount of the things that's happened but I could no longer remember the pattern of my thoughts. 

Reading through my thoughts was like finding out about the life of another person. Someone achingly familiar yet not totally the same. I can see how some of my ideals have changed. Some of my priorities then are now irrelevant in my life and I can see how some have evolved.

I think it shall be rewarding to read all these after a couple of years. I plan to live my everyday one step at a time, happy and content, purposeful testimonial.

I am not one to recycle posts but I'll make an exception on this one. This is too good and I think should always be kept in mind. Especially now. Adult years...tough luck.

For the Rest of my Life...

"For the rest of my life there are two days that will never again trouble me. The first day is yesterday with all its blunders and tears, its follies and defeats. Yesterday has passed forever beyond my control. The other day is tomorrow with all its pitfalls and threats, its dangers and mystery. Until the sun rises again, I have no stake in tomorrow for it is still unborn..."

- The Return of the Rugpicker
by Og Mandino

Pretty much what the Bible said about not worrying for there is a designated time for everything although the Bible's more poetic. Both are beautifully written, nonetheless.

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