Delectable Dee

We all know death. We see it everyday. Sometimes, we see it in the media. We see it on TV, somewhere across the globe died or perhaps, in the papers, somewhere from the town next to us. Nobody's immune and everybody knows they'll have it coming to them one sure day. Death doesn't care if you're rich or if you're poor, or if you're a celebrity in your own right or if you're that little man on the street that everybody doesn't see. We see a young man in his mid 20s die and we shake our heads and say, "What a waste, he hasn't lived life yet." Or we see an old man die and we feel sympathy for his bereaved and say, "It hurts most to the ones left behind."

Wherever we look, it seems like nobody's ever ready for death. We all know its coming, but it feels like it isn't there until it's finally there. One would think that since we see it so often, we somehow already developed the adapting mechanism for it. Jaded isn't really the right term for it but perhaps, natural is. It's natural and rational to expect death, we say. We all would like to think we know death.

Have you tried asking people who've experienced death in family? Have you talked to mothers who've experienced burrying a child? How about an orphan who's experienced holding a dying parent in his or her arms while the parent struggles to fight for the last fleeting breaths.Have you asked a bride how it was like to wait for her lover to show up in the altar not knowing he got into an accident that's caused him his life?

We will all be strangers to death, I think, and the only time we get to be acquainted with it is when we finally expereince it first hand. Of course, experiencing it first hand would be the finality of it all.

Life is what you make of it.

I think it's not a waste when someone loses his or her life. What is a waste are the given chances every day for a person to live life for its sole purpose and instead, was lived in selfishness. What is a waste is not a life that's ended but a life that was never able to shine from the day it breathed the breath of life until the day it closed its mortal eyes. What is a waste is when a life lived and died not appreciating its worth. What is a waste is when  one consciously throw life away to destrcution in sheer stupidity and selfishness while gloating in self pity without ever thinking about the affected loved ones and the ones desperately fighting to live another day.

I sympathize for the family and friends who truly cared and loved him. Somehow, I feel disgusted that he had to do what he did but I also feel sorry for him.

Why'd you have to throw away your life? Didn't you know people cared?

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