Delectable Dee

Just got back from my Iloilo trip and I am so exhausted. The heat is staggering - a consistent 35 degrees Celsius for the past four days. I loved it there. If it wasn't for the heat, I would have stayed longer and toured around the city more, perhaps ride around the province on local jeepneys and see the scenery the native's way.

I shall be coming back soon, though. I plan to pass by Iloilo next month, on my way to Guimaras. I've already asked around and have found a rather decent and affordable place to stay in for five days. My sister and her boyfriend are planning on tagging along but I don't really care if they join me or not. I welcome the company should they indeed join me and I still welcome the solace should I travel alone. Perhaps, Watz would be interested?

Pictures will come up soon. First, I must rest. However, this one house I must post first. Look at it's antique colonial charm! Such beauty, such grandeur!

*the picture's already been edited. There are vandals on the rusted gate and they ruin the charm and  grace of the house so I just have to erase the [blue  paint] vandal. Aside from that, no retouch was made.

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