Delectable Dee

What are you?

I am part Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, Malay (probably) and Filipino but let's cut the bull, shall we? I am a Filipino through and through. It doesn't matter if I don't look like one sometimes.

I have been mistaken as an Italian - go figure. I also have been mistaken as a Castillian lady. Sometimes, I get to be mistaken as a half-breed (phil/am) but  so far, the most ridiculous one was when I was mistakenly thought by this white little boy to be his German mom ( he ran up to me and hugged my legs) - you have no idea how weird that was for me.

If you're a japanese who moved to the USA, would you say you're a Pacific Islander or still a Japanese? Japan is in the Pacific. But would you call a japanese as a pacific islander? No, you wouldn't. How about an Indonesian? Or a Thai? No, you still wouldn't.

What really irks me is those no good ignorant twats who think they're too good to be associated with asia [or the Philippines for that matter] and call themselves as Pacific Islanders. It's just stupid and annoying at that. They think calling themselves pacific islanders would make them look exotic or "cool".  One thing for sure, it does make them look like a bunch of ungrateful fucktards.

They may fool themselves into thinking they're pacific islanders but their body structures say otherwise. They're too small and short to be one. Apparently, too stupid to tell, too.

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