Delectable Dee

it's been a while now
since the last time I freely offered my thoughts to you
since the last time I saw the cold remains of a life I once knew
what is your motivation?
what drives your unfortunate flow?
it's in these contemplating hours
I can't decide whether you're a friend or a foe
I think about how you refused me
when I was offered to you more than once
you sly, unwelcome guest
just when the music flows freely
you bow to us
 in shameless assertion to owe you our last dance
it can't be chance, no
you don't work in random chaos
i've watched you toil all my life
you visit in appropriate grace
slithering your way
choking those you touch
like darkness chokes the dead of the night
you leave the living an empty shell
soul-less to greet the birth of light
how much time do I have left?
how many more allotted breaths?

06:10 pm

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