Delectable Dee

The world needs more love letters.

I'll let you all guess if this was written based from a real life heart break or merely just fictional. *winks*


I have become a master story teller, weaving fantasies of you intricately into my web of dreams every night. I have time and again solved the herculean maze of the forever jarring unfolding of these fantasies and before the first breath of sunlight could kiss the eyes of dawn, I'd be in the possession of your arms, where home is just a fraction of a heart-beat away. Though you elude me and have hidden your presence from me, thoughts of you still bring me hope and assurance that everyday is a day closer to forever.

I still hope for you with every breath I take. I still long for you with every beat of my heart. Your words still ring true to me and I still hearken to their promise of bliss. Your memory still warms my heart and prevents the icicles of frustration and vagueness to grow and inhabit in me.

You, in just the form of distant ambiguous memories still can shatter the defenses I've built and have surrounded myself with. With just few guarded words uttered in absolute care, you still see right through me. You just know what to say to keep me forever anticipating for you, thoughts heavily pregnant with hopes.

You once said that I am the "something" that you've been searching for and now that you've found me, you'd never want to ever let me go. That all you want to do is hold me tight to yourself and never let go of  forever. Forever. Forever is so close but somehow seems like several worlds away.

Yours Alone.

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