Delectable Dee

Haha. I am in no such trouble, contrary to what some people jumped into concluding when I've suddenly declared "I'm on an internet break!".

I am merely just keeping out.

The people I need to keep in close contact with online, I still do. It's just a matter or prioritizing.

Been busy with a lot of things. Been sorting out things and have been trying to decide which clutter I need to keep, which ones I need to sort and which ones I just need to let be.

I'll be back again someday. Well, maybe every now and then when something comes up or if I get to find the time to chase after my increasing landslide of thoughts and process them into a few stringed words.

The weather is funny. So like my own moods lately. So many frustrations and yet, just as well, so many marvelous unfolding of miracles. Ahh...such is the way of life, mi amor.

Weight update: I gained back 5 lbs! Aaacck! I am not surprised, I actually saw this coming. I felt that my purple dress was a little snug last Sunday. Have been immersed into too much food lately, plus trying to learn as much recipes as I could for whatever given time I have left. Surprise! Surprise! Ohh, this is too delicious a secret to keep but a secret is a secret and thus it shall remain that way until it is ready to be unveiled.


You have gone from being adored to just this annoying aftertaste that stubbornly lingers inside my mouth after I've eaten a cheap noodles.  Such a tragedy you have become.

Staying away and keeping out.

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