Delectable Dee

After months of dissatisfaction, I finally decided to man up and quit. There should be a law that states every company should have a labor protection department that is totally independent from the company's corrupted (if ever it is) belly.

I refuse to become a corporate slave. I refuse to be taken forgranted. I refuse to be exploited. I refuse to be made smaller than my actual worth. much for the drama. Haha. But seriously. I think it is really stupid to base one's competency and knowledge on a single peice of paper (a diploma).

I have met so many diploma boasting graduates who are in more ways can be described as stupid. Give them a book and a couple hours to read them and they amazingly memorize everything but didn't understood a thing. Learning is a lifetime journey and most of the things in life are learned outside the four courners of a classroom.

I'm awesome. I know it. Hahaha.

OKay, kidding aside, I refuse to be measured up to a measly thin paper with redundant words etched in it.

I despise companies who front people that they (the companies) are helping them (the people) by outsourcing but apparently have other bastardy (that's my word, shut up!) motives in mind.

Example: exploiting the very fertile and over flowing potentials of very idealistic natives of a foreign land.

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