Delectable Dee

I had Eva Longoria's hair.

I had Halle Berry's hair.

I had Jeniffer Aniston's hair.

I had Jeniffer Lopez's hair.

I had Nicole Ritchie's hair.

I had Rihanna's hair.


if I had JLo's hair, blue eyes and I'm wearing this kind of glasses. A totally different me. Actually, not me at all. Hahaha.

I can also get away with brown hair and green eyes. Haha.


this is the original me. And look! My body's actually facing sideways while my head is turned in front to look at the camera. Hah!

I'm actually very bored. My sister introduced me to last night and there's this feature where you can get a virtual "make-over". It's very amusing.

If you're bored like I am now or perhaps you are itching to get a new hairstyle, this is a good site to visit. At least now I know how I'd look like should I get those exactly same hairstyles. That and if I live in a salon (we all know how our hair all look perfect after we've stepped out of the salon but come the next day, we feel as if our hair's been stolen by a jealous hairstyle Grinch...but that's a whole new topic in itself).

Here's what you should do if you're interested.
   *go to
   *scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on Beauty and style
   *on the left side margin of the page, under category Hot Stuff, click on the link that says Get a free make-over online and you're good to go. (Note: you need to register as a member [for free] to be able to upload your own photo.)


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