Delectable Dee

There are celebrations that amazingly could not be defined by words. You are one of them, my Love. And together, we too, are one of them. I am constantly rendered speechless. Nothing too grand, an ebb and flow of candidness. A life of ordinary, a tale of two lovers, the entwined sighs of halves, broken yet, harmoniously laced together.

You are like my happy pill and I am constantly addicted to you.

I have noticed long ago that I tend to write better when I am sad or lonely. That when happy, I lose my sense in words. And before, I have mourned for my happiness because I hated to be robbed off of words but now, I don't care at all.

You must be the one great love of my life because for you, I'll gladly stop writing and be swallowed in the cocoon of our blissful little world.

I wasn't lying when I said I've never loved someone as much as I love you. I am a romantic person and a silly one at that, most of the times. When I loved in the past, I did love greatly. But be not overwhelmed by the shadows they cast for they are just that. They are now shadows because of you. Where once they engulfed me in the dark belly of their pain, you shone and came through, obliterating their judgment and fear.

And I love you.

I see you everyday in the corner of my eyes. I inhale the scent of you in the randomness of places and people. And when I do, I choke and I remember how lonely I am without you. I miss you.

When will I see you again?

10/13/2008 04:02:26 pm

hahay. how does a man react if he reads this. if he reads something so soulfully written for him. <3

10/17/2008 12:09:41 am

Hello Dee, a kiss from Rome. Ciao

10/24/2008 04:41:18 am

now im missing my lalabs too :(
i soo can relate with what you just wrote in!
how i wish i can write as soulfully as you :)

12/18/2008 03:32:39 pm

Ciao Dee, BUON NATALE e un FELICISSIMO 2009. Un bacio.


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