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I'm bored tonight and the day's been uneventful. I am in the mood for a rant but I am taking the time to let the emotional turmoil pass to be able to think clearly and to avoid saying things I might regret.

So yeah. I got this from Jacq's myspace blog and found it rather amusing.

Go to and type in your answer to each question in the search box, then write the first definition it gives you.

1) What's your name?
Diana - Completely strung out on caffeine so that words are unintelligible and rodent-like, muscle spasms are frequent, and random fascinations dominate speech and action, e.g. shiny objects, scarfs, capes, and magic tricks.

"I am so tired. I need to get Diana so I can study for this exam."

2) Your age?
24 - 24, The Jack Bauer Power Hour. The most entertainment you can stuff into a single day. Full of twists, turns, violence, and Elisha Cuthbert.

"I had all kinds of work to do, but I decided to watch 24 instead."

3) One of your friends?
Sheila - Australian/Kiwi slang, for a female.

"She was a spunky sheila "

4) What should you be doing?
Nothing - Actually means "something," but is used when you don't feel like explaining.

"Hey, whatcha doin'? "

5) Favorite color?
Pink - slang reference to the vagina

"I'm gonna get me some pink"

6) Where were you born?
Philippines - The Philippines IS an ASIAN country. Most people who visit the country don't get a chance to see the beauty in it. You have to live there to actually appreciate this country. Also known to have the most beautiful beaches in the world.

"The Philippines is great "

7) Last person you talked to?
Frank - honest, blunt

"I'm not being mean, just frank. "

8) Your middle name?
Jane - Someone who is very average in appearance and everything else, even though everyone wants to be her and thinks she is gorgeous. "Plain Jane"

Everyone else: "Jane, your pictures are so pretty, you are so going to be a model. Every night I pray to God that I'll wake up and look like you."

Dan: (sigh) "That girl's smile could brighten anyone's day!"

9) Last name?
- The incomparable Roddy Frame, formerly of Aztec Camera how a critically acclaimed solo artist.

Do yourself a favor check him out.
As his song suggests, Framo is The Boy Wonder.

- - - - - - - -

I'm not tagging anyone. If you feel like doing it, then by all means, go right ahead. And I expect someone who's got the wits to operate a computer and successfully manage to find this nook by surfing the web, to have at least a pebble of maturity to know that the word VAGINA is NOT dirty.

Thank you and have a great weekend.

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