Delectable Dee

Can you still remember how the world stopped when I told you ours was of dreams broken people hope to embrace?

You said, "I know." in that confident tone you only use when talking with me.

I trusted that you knew. I thought that you knew. I even believed that you knew.

But you didn't, did you?

No, you never did. Because how can you ask me to not love you when you know from there springs the hope and happiness of my soul?

Would you rather rob me of my Eden, where sanity is one with madness and chaos fiddles melody that only you and me understand? Why would you silence the language that understands beyond unspoken words and reticent laughters? Why would you opt for blinding greys than iridescent burst of colors?

But despite the pretentions and the stolen longings for freedom, I also saw some truths in you and you always did make my soul happy and secure...even with your coated lies of pregnant hopes and unsolicited dreams.

I could not hate you even if I wanted to. I just miss you so much. I'm lost without your friendship. I am forgetting all the pain and the hate.

I realized that the only way for me to be truly happy and free is to remember you at your best - when you loved me with all your heart.

And because I love you, I wil let you go. Go to where tragic souls of lovers denied bathe in an eternity of dreams. Go to where radiance serenade the cherry moon while time dances with hope. Go to where love is never forgotten, preserved at her best in blissful memories, both of vivid yesterdays and of ones that never were.

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