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I relayed to my sister Ate Therese's tales and got her really interested so she asked me to accompany her there and so I did. We went there yesterday. I purposely didn't bring my camera because I wanted to take pictures on the second level and I know they won't allow it there.  tee*hee  I used my cellphone's camera to steal pictures. *now now, lower those raised eyebrows and relax*

I already mentioned to Ate Ai and Ate Therese the last time we were there that I hated those floating dresses and that they somehow freak me out. The dresses, or at least, one of the dresses wanted to live up to the impression.

On the little girl's room, there was a display of an old canopy bed and some old toys. A freakish old doll (I share ate Therese's sentiments) and some old tea sets. Then on the corner was a display of an old dress of a child and it is encased with glass on all four corners. The dress moved. It actually swayed and flipped from side to side without any wind causing it. It did so for a great deal of time. A minute, probably. It was an experience, I tell you.

On another room on the 1st level, the one with the table where they keep the family tree, it smelt like old or dead people there. It wasn't like that at all the last time we were there. Odd.

I had new and interesting experiences. We're planning on going back sometime this month. We want to read everything about the family. Whatever happened to them?


And also, I'm sharing a picture of one of the original copies of Noli Me Tangere.

7/20/2008 11:20:16 pm

now, you are making me regret not stealing photos at the second level. *grin*

what an experience, dee! i'm having goosebumps!

that's the thing about visiting old houses, you get to ask a lot of questions after -- how did they live? what were their relationships like? the entire story of the people who lived there. =)

i want to go back there, too.

7/21/2008 03:09:45 am

WAAAAH! I knew there was something odd, there has to be. Decades of family tales and secrets... share us some more unya!

7/21/2008 01:59:37 pm

the dress looks creepy indeed...magkurog2 gyud ko if i was with you :D

2/28/2011 09:55:03 am

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