Delectable Dee

Nothing lasts forever
Seasons pass and flowers wilt
mountains crumble
and time crushes every foundation man has so faithfully built
towers colapse and beauty fades
youth cannot be chained and be a person's slave

Nothing lasts forever
I have found this to be true
A time would come when friends will let you down
and be sorry for what they've done to you.
you will ache but will learn to adapt
have to save yourself from pain and hate
lest you'd allow your soul for it to currupt

Nothing lasts forever
but I also found something else
it's always been there -
waiting for me to hear the eternal story it tells
it's not a slave and a respector of time
it just sat there in a corner,
silently waiting for me to claim it mine

Love lasts forever
yes, it does!
This love so pure and true
it broke through time just to reach me and you
When everything else failed I realized this love sustained
when friends deserted me this love remained

A love to hold forever
when faith falters and hope is gone
when promises are broken and bonds of trust has come undone
when despair would block the sunshine the morrows would bring
this love will cradle you when doubt would start its sting

Nothing lasts forever
nothing but this love alone
this love is gentle but it can break a heart of stone
This love can last forever. Yes, this love alone
this love is gentle but it can break your heart of stone.


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