Delectable Dee

The love I borne for you
is still the same steadfast and pure love
you held and laughed with
when the sun was on her golden years.
The same faithfulness will hold you when
the days will be long,
the nights cold and the mornings bleak,
when you will be crowned with silver streaks.
The same love will see you through
when your eyes will no longer hold the light.
When the years deceitfully steal your life,
these arms will still hold you.
This ardor will break your fall.
When age exiles the youth in us,
etching absolute scars of time,
we will be holding each other still
until the Autumn of our lives.


*I can't think of a good name for this piece. I had my parents in mind when I wrote this. I sincerely pray to God to give me this kind of love. Although not perfect, nonetheless, faithful and real.

6/26/2008 05:01:07 am

D, can I use this poem on one of my photo assignments? And also, I want to quote some lines for my 5th wedding renewal of vows this December.
T =)


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