Delectable Dee

Tales of my life:
-a remembrance of moments past.

We sail through life with dreams and hopes clutched in our hands and pressed close to our hearts with nothing but the certainty of the now and the changing winds of time. However, as we journey on and see endless horizons of what is seemingly the same, we tend to forget those rare precious moments where we truly felt alive.

We dream of seeing that one special shore to land on and while we strive and push through with life, we oftentimes take for granted that even though the waves and the winds can be formidable, we are also blessed with golden ribbons of sunshine to kiss our lids every morning and breathtaking sunsets to remind us of the promise of a fresh new tomorrow.

May each salty spray of the sea to our face bring fresh new hopes to us that every impossible dream is just a heart-beat away, lurking behind the shadows of tomorrow.