Delectable Dee

isn't she?
With that deep pool of coco eyes
and warm honey wrapping her entire being,
wouldn't you think she can also feel pain?
That supple, accomodating lips
paints sunshine wherever it decides to land.
Wouldn't you think it's capable to frown?
That raven lace we call the crowning glory
sprayed like a fan against her back,
can you see the moon reflected on them?
That voice you thought were angels calling you,
wouldn't you think they can also sing
endless songs of grief and pain?
With it all, a heart as gentle as dove
wouldn't you think it can afford hate?
Too good to be true,
a life that breathes in love,
would you be at all surprised
to know that she's human,


*this was written in response to the article Jamie wrote about how Filipinas were treated back then and how we are seen now. Back to the time when white skinned people were regarded as like gods because they have 'luminous skins', the curious and innocent actions of my foremothers were mistaken as acts of invitation for abuse.

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