Delectable Dee

Dear God,
I don't know how to start this one,
just thinking about all the stuffs that you've done. 
I won't pretend, act as if everything's fine,
and write all flowery thoughts with each and every line.

I have my questions.
Most of the times, I have my doubts.
My vision would get clouded,
and I'd fail to keep in mind
that You are my God.
Unlike me, that's bound to fail
with limited understanding and emotions so strong,
most of the times arrogant, thinking I'm never wrong.

There's never a moment that I'm out of Your sight.
Great as You are,
having powers that cannot be fathomed and cannot be denied.
You remain faithful, even at times when I shut You out.
Had I been in Your place,
I would have given up,
thinking I've had enough!

Now, I feel so weak.
I lack the strength to go through this day.
What should I do? My only option is to pray,
Lord, carry me.
That's all I'm asking on bended knee.


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