Delectable Dee

I blame you for the loss;
for the hunger unsatisfied.

I am surrounded
by strewned discarded half-thoughts
confetti-like in a graceless fall;
every bridgeless gap
bleakly sneering at me.

The words,
they are empty,
driven by greed
of a destiny deprived.

The desperation.
The insatiability.
The empty pots of gold.
The stolen forevers.
The lose-ended knots.
The rotting flowers
of trusts betrayed
and covenants defiled.

Forgiveness is lost,
discarded to nothingness
along with the unspoken
clumsy good byes;
ill-willed and final.

You have died
and your death,
it left a taste
bitter and sour.
A bit of both and none at all.

My thoughts curl to think
of your name touching my lips.
You don't deserve it.

you linger.




The pearly reverie
Of the vanilla dawn
Strawberry kissed mornings
Wooing breaths of a pale blue life
Intricate kisses
Fluttering as whispered sighs
Webs of sunrise
Spilled in careless delight
Shimmering visions
Translucent yearnings
Silken thread of emotions
Weaving fantasies
To the tapestry of sheer trance
Constant as the succession of day and night
Evident as the shattered fibers of the air
A little too real
A little too grand
Thick as the satiny coat of honey
Jubilant as the dance of the rivers
Precious as the prismatice glow of skin
Pregnant desires
Spirited lusts
Unbroken but confined
Caged to the lush margins of our minds