Delectable Dee

The love I borne for you
is still the same steadfast and pure love
you held and laughed with
when the sun was on her golden years.
The same faithfulness will hold you when
the days will be long,
the nights cold and the mornings bleak,
when you will be crowned with silver streaks.
The same love will see you through
when your eyes will no longer hold the light.
When the years deceitfully steal your life,
these arms will still hold you.
This ardor will break your fall.
When age exiles the youth in us,
etching absolute scars of time,
we will be holding each other still
until the Autumn of our lives.


*I can't think of a good name for this piece. I had my parents in mind when I wrote this. I sincerely pray to God to give me this kind of love. Although not perfect, nonetheless, faithful and real.


brash filthy greedy hands
propelled by utter neglect
eyes shaddowed
with rancid malicious glares
thin lips lined with sneer
brimming with brackish spews
empty soul
discarded waste of human flesh
fortunate grace
floating around perfumed mists
suddenly recoils
shunning from begging cups
of blurred persons veiled with
tattered security and
rakish morals and
tarnished hopes
shackled to the birth-rights of poverty
the choking quicksand of need
the groping resonance of want
the stubborn longing for esteem
a secret hope for love
victims of the prejudical dream
these barren images of GOD



For every smile
lost and forgotten,
for every tear
that's ran down your face,
for every hope aimed at
that shining crystal dream
and has fallen hard,
bruising your soul,
wounding your heart,
maiming your spirit,
I have bled along with you.
I have kissed your wounds
and have washed your scars with my tears.
I have wounded myself
from catching your peices
falling again and again
they do - you know
- though you won't see me
but I did - I do.



Wide, worshiping eyes
Heart ammused
You thought, delight!
Every naked flow
Stark with candid life


Fervent, eager ears
Heart well pleased
You thought, delight!
Every raw whisper
Rich with careless life


Becoming, soft lips
Heart impetuous
You thought, delight!
Every flavor traced
Bitter sweet with life


Dunes of silken pores
Heart longing
You thought, delight!
Every fiber mapped
Florescent with life


Perfect bridge of nose
Heart seduced
You thought, delight!
Every spirit breath
Aroma of life




isn't she?
With that deep pool of coco eyes
and warm honey wrapping her entire being,
wouldn't you think she can also feel pain?
That supple, accomodating lips
paints sunshine wherever it decides to land.
Wouldn't you think it's capable to frown?
That raven lace we call the crowning glory
sprayed like a fan against her back,
can you see the moon reflected on them?
That voice you thought were angels calling you,
wouldn't you think they can also sing
endless songs of grief and pain?
With it all, a heart as gentle as dove
wouldn't you think it can afford hate?
Too good to be true,
a life that breathes in love,
would you be at all surprised
to know that she's human,


*this was written in response to the article Jamie wrote about how Filipinas were treated back then and how we are seen now. Back to the time when white skinned people were regarded as like gods because they have 'luminous skins', the curious and innocent actions of my foremothers were mistaken as acts of invitation for abuse.


Nothing lasts forever
Seasons pass and flowers wilt
mountains crumble
and time crushes every foundation man has so faithfully built
towers colapse and beauty fades
youth cannot be chained and be a person's slave

Nothing lasts forever
I have found this to be true
A time would come when friends will let you down
and be sorry for what they've done to you.
you will ache but will learn to adapt
have to save yourself from pain and hate
lest you'd allow your soul for it to currupt

Nothing lasts forever
but I also found something else
it's always been there -
waiting for me to hear the eternal story it tells
it's not a slave and a respector of time
it just sat there in a corner,
silently waiting for me to claim it mine

Love lasts forever
yes, it does!
This love so pure and true
it broke through time just to reach me and you
When everything else failed I realized this love sustained
when friends deserted me this love remained

A love to hold forever
when faith falters and hope is gone
when promises are broken and bonds of trust has come undone
when despair would block the sunshine the morrows would bring
this love will cradle you when doubt would start its sting

Nothing lasts forever
nothing but this love alone
this love is gentle but it can break a heart of stone
This love can last forever. Yes, this love alone
this love is gentle but it can break your heart of stone.



I am not your mom;
I cannot live in the same house with you and promise not to fall for you.
I don't have her patience but I do love you, too.

I am not your dad;
I'm not capable of reading newspapers
& drinking coffees every morning with you
and do just soley that.
Given the chance, I wouldn't be able to help myself
but sigh like an over-indulged little brat.

I am not your sister;
I'm not predictable, always an angel and easy to deal with
but I promise to do and give you within my power
whatever it is that you need.

I am not your brother;
I cannot play football with you and just nod and say i hear you everytime you'd gripe about the pains of being a man.
But know that I'm always here for you & if you'd allow it,
I can more than just be your #1 fan.

I am not your bestfriend;
I probably cannot tackle a logical issue with you and at the end not get too emotionally involved, thus, leading us to fight.
But I hope that you know that whatever happens
I'll always leave an extra candle burning to help you see
through even your darkest nights.

I am not and cannot be her;
I'm not perfect in anyway -
I cannot even tell the East from the West,
but see that inspite of me and all of my flaws,
I've come to love you the way I do,
which is my best.

I am not your computer;
I throw tantrums, I demand and still somehow manage to screw up even the most simple thing that you'd ask me to do,
but you should know that behind these errors are heartfelt intensions to please you.

I'm just me;
an ordinary girl who exraordinarilly fell hard for you.
I cannot seem to help myself in whatever that I do;
I wish I could just come up to you
and lay out my heart in black and blue.

But I cannot do that yet - at least not now.
I can only write about how I feel for you at ungodly hours.
Maybe someday I'll tell you - yes, someday I will.
But I'm afraid of the possible rejection
and that if I'll manage to deal.

So here I am;
insignificant and unnoticed, praying for the day
that you would find the time to turn around and say, 'hey!'
I would look up at you and my smile you'd see,
then I'd say, 'hey! I'm me.'
yes, and simply being me.


*one of the early poems I made for the first guy I ever truly loved and although the poem is a bit silly in its own way, I am rather very fond of it. The guy this was written for however, ended up breaking my heart. The bastard! *laughs* Seriously, though we're now the best of friends.


Dear God,
I don't know how to start this one,
just thinking about all the stuffs that you've done. 
I won't pretend, act as if everything's fine,
and write all flowery thoughts with each and every line.

I have my questions.
Most of the times, I have my doubts.
My vision would get clouded,
and I'd fail to keep in mind
that You are my God.
Unlike me, that's bound to fail
with limited understanding and emotions so strong,
most of the times arrogant, thinking I'm never wrong.

There's never a moment that I'm out of Your sight.
Great as You are,
having powers that cannot be fathomed and cannot be denied.
You remain faithful, even at times when I shut You out.
Had I been in Your place,
I would have given up,
thinking I've had enough!

Now, I feel so weak.
I lack the strength to go through this day.
What should I do? My only option is to pray,
Lord, carry me.
That's all I'm asking on bended knee.