Delectable Dee

I was still stifling yawns making my way to the breakfast table while filtering out noises to ignore and sounds to tune in to. As the usual daily habit in the house, my mom turns on the radio for news while everybody else is frolicking to and fro, getting ready for the day's events.

I heard the commentator on the radio rattling on about the tragic calamity resulted by Frank. Then the radio commentator moved on to a further subject at hand, still related to the typhoon. Apparently, Sulpicio Lines of the Princess of the Stars will not take part or do anything  pertaining to recovering of the sunken ship because the "insurance money" paid by their insurance company isn't enough to compensate the expenses if they will try to excavate the ship. Needless to say, they will just let the ship rot in there. Along with the still trapped dead bodies of the people and the 10-metric ton toxic chemical Endosulfan.

I almost choked on my bite of spring roll.

Endosulfan is a very toxic chemical use for agricultural purposes. It's so higly toxic that its use is banned in 17 counties. If Endosulfan contaminated meat are consumed by humans, it will prevent the human central nervous system from working properly and causes hyperactivity, nausea, dizziness, headache and convulsions. The chemical has also been linked to birth defects and deformations.

Now, since Sulpicio Lines is refusing to take responsibility of the matter at hand and has resigned to letting it stay in the sea, then no doubt in a much sooner time that we will all know, we will be eating poisoned fish and harming our marine life, which already as is, teetering at the brink of ruins.

How can they get away with things like this? Even if the government will take control of the situation, financing the excavation of the sunken ship, in all aspects of responsibility, what's the government got to do with it? I mean, really? The government can hardly afford to feed the people, plus the calamity stricken victims...much more spend money on something that totally off its responsibility.

I'm personally not pointing an accusing finger at Del Monte. I am appalled at Sulpicio Lines for washing their hands off their responsibility. Clearly they have NO care nor respect for the environment and the people they'll be affecting.  Money seems to be everything that matters to these people. Greedy bastards.

If I'll have the last say in the matter, I'll make sure they shoulder all the expenses on excavating the ship and her toxic content. That or I'll have their shipping line closed. They have no right making a living, skimming through the waters they clearly have no compassion for.

It is an insult to people's wit for their lawyer to claim that the shipping line didn't know that they have a toxic chemical on board the ship. I suppose they're suggesting the idea the they don't check every cargo being loaded to their ships. And who's responsibility should that be, then? I mean, really, 1 + 1 can't be that hard, right? Even a kid can know such basic equation to responsibility. If you carried it, you  answer for it. Had you not wanted that kind of responsibility, you should have not agreed to the shipping of the said cargo. Dumbass.

Money, money, money. Their greed is appalling. I hope when they burn in hell, every money they've crookedly accumulated fuels the fire. Do they even have souls, still?

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