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So I was complaining to my Mom last Saturday morning about this odd pain on the lower abdominal  section on the left side of my tummy...a bit near my hip bone. I was hiccuping before that so I thought that maybe it was just gas. My mom gave me several cups of hot tea and I started feeling better. We were convinced that it was just gas.

I went on with my day feeling okay. I re-potted several of my bonsai plants and transferred some of the carnation seedlings I've sown  two weeks ago. Hadn't had the slightest discomfort all throughout the day.

Sunday morning, around 1:55, I woke up to a massive attack of excruciating pain. I was doubling over and my toes curled into tight balls as I was trying to find ways to wait till the pain subsides. But it didn't. I  felt like they came in waves. It got so bad after 10 minutes that I started gasping for breaths because the pain was making it hard for me to breathe.

I was rushed to the ER. (Let's skip the other disgusting stuffs)

I was injected with something and I recall the kind nurse telling me that it's to stop me from nauseating.  Then after some procedures, urine sample and blood samples later, I was given a pain reliever and an antibiotic and was told to rest, go back to sleep if I can. Since the pain subsided gradually, I started relaxing and drifting off to sleep.

I was semi-conscious...I was looking out for anybody to go near my bedside so I could ask what was wrong with me. I feared that I had an appendicitis but I was assured that it wasn't so that was out of my worry then.

I think it was around 5am when I felt a commotion and everybody else seemed anxious. There's that tight and thick electrical current in the air and you get the feeling that a bit of added stress and everyone would just snap.  All the doctors there were interns and you can tell they were anxious, too.

I saw a white baby boy on the bed and he was in a way, next to me. If I reached hard enough, I would have been able to touch his curled fingers.  He was a handsome boy. He's got foreign blood in him, I could tell. But I didn't see someone  with him looking like his mother or any white guy indicating to be his father around. There was only an old lady - the Lola.

 Then a couple of minutes later, everything went quiet and everyone else started walking away from the bed.  Then the Lola crumbled down beside the bed, her face buried in her wrinkly hands and her small shoulders trembled like an inner earthquake was shaking her being. Something's not right.

I realized, then. The baby passed away. It was the first time I saw someone die in front of me...and it had to be a baby. A stranger, but a baby nonetheless. It was so heartbreaking. He didn't seem dead. He looked like he was sleeping. But I knew that he's passed on.

I couldn't bear to be so close to him. I had to leave. I called on to the nurse and asked her to call my mom. I wanted to go home.  I don't want to see them cover his tiny body. I overheard that his mom was in Kuwait and that his father was a Briton.

I wonder why both his parents were away. I wondered if things could have been different had one or both of his parents were with him that day. I didn't want to think about the anguish the mother would feel once she finds out about the shattering truth.  I wonder how the Lola would explain to the parents why and what went wrong.

What went wrong?

3/1/2009 01:37:51 am

oh, this is a sad story, dee. it's heartbreaking to know, much more see, a child pass away.

i hope you are feeling better now. *hugs*


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