Delectable Dee

Ian introduced me to 3BT (three beautiful things) when he invited me to join it's group over at facebook. As how I personally understand the goal, it is to acknowledge at least three things in our every day life that brings us pleasure, to enable us to appreciate life more.

I have been meaning to do this for quite some time now and finally, I'm dumping procrastination.

My Three Beautiful Things: Chapter One.

Rain - contrary to most people, I love the rain and have always found it comforting. Rain doesn't give me the gloomy feeling nor does it dampen my spirit. I relish in rain when I am hurt and I celebrate rain when I am jubilant. I have way too much happy memories with rain for me to ever feel down when it's raining.

Mosquito coils - to be more exact, Lavender Scented mosquito coils. I absolutely abhor mosquitoes. I hate them buzzing around me and I hate their stings. Lavender scented mosquito coils helps me relax and not have to be upset about them and the scent is gentle to the nose and smells rather nice. I consume about 20 coils a week. It's one of my "must haves".

Early morning talks - I have come to love early morning talks with my mom, on the breakfast table before she leaves for work. It's when she's at her best because of rest and sleep and no work clutters and stress hassles. It's when she smiles a lot and laughs easily, too.


It has been a very hot and humid week. It's also been a week since Andi's baptismal and meeting both The Amazing Siroy (somehow, those three words instantly pop up inside my head everytime I'd think about her) and The Lovely T (because indeed she is lovely!). I still remember how the laughter sounded. I still remember Ate Kaith's bubbly squeaks. I still giggle when I recall every talks and every smiles.

7/11/2008 09:31:16 pm

until now, i am drowning in envy :).

four beautiful ladies. in beautiful bacolod. tingub unta to ako pa-autograph dah :)

7/13/2008 02:22:24 pm

dont worry rain, dli ra ikaw ang nasuya...ako pud :D
hope magkita ta soon dee :D

7/16/2008 02:43:18 pm

3BT is such a wonderful idea, dee! yours speaks of quiet happiness -- rain, mosquito coils, and early monring talks. =)

and i'm missing you! =D

7/18/2008 02:40:06 pm

hala. dee!!! pareho ta. namian ko sa ulan, it gives me this calming and happy feeling ba. gapaligo pa ko gani sa tarug asta subong :D currently, may lavender nga katol sa tiilan ko. haha. and oh morning talks!!! wake-up talks gid, above the sheets :)

7/20/2008 05:54:02 am

D, i miss you already! i ate kinilaw you know! hahaha!!!

btw, i just learned to love the rain. i used to hate it a lot. but now i find it so comforting....


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