Delectable Dee
Okay, so if you know me, really know me, you'd also know that I am terrible, terrible, TERRIBLE at accepting complements. I could never just say thank-you gracefully. I do the most stupid things when I'm complimented. I feel like I'm sucked out from my skin and I start fidgeting like a silly goose, all red in the face with an anxious look in the face. Really!!!

So, I still get embarrassed when the man tells me I am beautiful and I blush uncontrollably. And I get double embarrassed because of that. 

The man constantly tells me I am beautiful but I am too silly a goose to appreciate them fully, especially during the exact times he'd tell me. But on lucid, semi-sane moments like now, I really do appreciate and cherish the fact that he adores me beyond everything silly and shallow. He never gets mad at me, even though I am so despicable and deserving much of it. He is forever patient with me. He's open to my every suggestions and ideas and is a good listener. He makes me feel secure and wanted, and he even takes the blame for things I clearly know are of my doing and fault (this is crazy, I know!) He's shown me beyond sanity (and better judgment LOL) and I am perfect in his eyes.

But by far, the sweetest thing he's ever told me was, "I don't think I have been loved as much as you love me."
2/9/2011 04:47:31 pm

Your man is so sweet, Nang Dee!


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