Delectable Dee

When I'm outside in a public place being a random face in a sea of other faces, I often would love to fall back or sit in a corner where I can see the vastest view possible. I love to watch people. It's one of the things I developed while attending college. It somehow helps me get into that little hole in me and be completely at ease.

I love to look at the random faces, pick one that appeals to me most and study the person. I usually go for old people. They're more arresting than the younger ones. I'd look at the lines on the face and wonder about the story behind each crease.

The crow's feet guarding each eye, I wonder, were they a mark of endless laboring days under the trying sun? Or are they a proof that her life was filled with laughter and care? How about those lines around the shriveled mouth? Have they been etched with and by smiles or were they burdened frowns made ready for riverbeds of pain?

That whithered shaking hands, were they able to find the pair to perfectly match their clasp? Were they able to find the arms to hold them? Did she have children? How many babies did those arms nurtured? How many tears have been dried by those gnarled knob-like hands?

That thin line of lips, how did they look like in their prime? Full and enchanting, I imagine. Perhaps they puckered like a rose bud kissed by the rain or they shine radiantly when they smiled. How many lullabies have passed through those lips, easing away the nightmares that dare rob the peace of sleep of her loved ones? How many words of kindness and encouragement has sprung from them to sooth the broken hearts around her?

There must be a story behind that distant look. Is she missing someone? Did she find the love she was meant to have? Is she living alone? When it's cold and harsh, does she have someone to comfort her and keep her warm? How was she like when she was young? Was she an adorable sprite or was she shy and reserved?

I guess I'll never know for sure. I love to imagine that she was a great beauty. A rare gem with a lustrous heart. She's had adventures to last her a lifetime of comforting memories. She ran with the wind and she embraced life with her hear on her sleeves. She was happy.

3/13/2008 05:49:11 pm

I love to watch people, too. I could find solitude sitting in a cafe, in the midst of a crowd, and just watch people. Old people are fascinating. Always, I wonder how many stories of triumph, struggles, and secrets they guard and keep.

Hope you won't mind me stalking your site. You write so beautifully. =)


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