Delectable Dee

They say that love's a game of easy come and easy go.

I don't know who really said that but the person who said that should be shot right in the middle of the eyes. How dare the fool!

I would like to think that I was not a part of whatever it was that broke you. Moreover, I still would like to think that you had my best interest in mind and utmost considerations were given when you broke me.

It's amazing how one small decision can profoundly affect your life. Priorities would suddenly change and activities would shift. what used to matter suddenly becomes irrelevant and what used to be staggering dramatically now becomes dull.  Life is indeed a whirlwind of change.

I am grateful for love.


Bound to the confines of what should be and how, I sometimes could feel myself crumble inside. My defenses cracked by the reverberating blows of frustrations and aborted expectations, of masked pains and bitter stings of helplessness.

Wouldn't it be great to have  someone that could see you how you are inside no matter how much you try to hide behind your high wall of insecurity and pretensions?

Someone to understand and love me for who I am. For the dreamer in me. For the little silly girl in me. For the brash impatient brat in me. For the indulgent chit in me. For the chuckling ignorant in me. For the lashing bitch in me. For the frail and insecure shadow in me. For the sarcastic prick in me. For the frustrating doubter in me. For the stubborn and proud screw-up in me. For the clingy love-fool in me. For me in my utter dependency to be loved and be accepted for who and what I am and not for what I could become and what I will become.

When I cry. When I laugh. When I scream. When I dream. When I'm mad. When I'm hurt. When I'm lost. When I'm confused. When I'm mean. When I'm being too unreasonably sensitive. When I'm being frustratingly indifferent. When I'm too proud. When I'm being annoying. When I'm being nostalgic. When I'm being me, I hope to find you beside me telling me you still love me.

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