Delectable Dee

My heart still lies heavily in an uncaring manner, sprawled all over like a spoiled brat refused of a hearty treat.

The Cyberian Breeze has finally left the islands after it has conveniently sweeped through us with its delicious frosty delight. I sigh and I pout begrudgingly over the scorching heat and the thick blanket of dust threatening to suffocate me.

I swear I wasn't always like this.

I can remember the time when I loved warm summer breeze and dusty fingers and toes meant that I had my share of summer fun. I don't ever recall people being so stuffy and concerned about how "darker" they've become. Who cared about skin color when everybody else was having fun? Tan lines weren't a fashion then but rather, a sensible lifestyle that naturally looked divine.

Whatever happened to afternoon naps lulled by the constant whirring of electric fans? Or to the hearty innocent laughter of children playing in the streets ringing like the mystic chimes of time? Whatever happened to baseball and hide and seek? To skipping ropes and tag?

Whatever happened to them and as well I wonder, whatever happened to me?  Have I become bored and stuffy I scared even Peter Pan away? Why is it that I can hardly feel the magic? A wind would slap my face and I'd though, "Oh, no! I'm melting! My glorious make-up!"  Pish.

I long for the old days. Days when my only obligation to life is to have fun. Oh, I remember well when the days smelled of the glorious sun and everything seemed brighter and enchanting. People would bathe in laugher and everything was priceless. The children didn't need expensive video games to amuse themselves with. They were a lot creative and smarter then. Boredom was a thing unheard of and sadness was a crime.

It does seem like things were a whole lot better then but I'd be completely missing the point of I continue to bask in the memories of the grand yesteryears and be too caught up in their charm that I end up forgetting I am still constantly blessed of the now (that's why it's called the

The sun is still passionately golden and yet, I still could hear laughter (though scarce and faint they may be now). Perhaps, I have outgrown my childish innocence but far be it from ingratitude to say that I have been granted a lover's soul and a dreamer's eyes.

I must make enough summer memories to last me a blissful lifetime.

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