Delectable Dee

There are milestones in my life where I need to protect myself from and so I don't write about them in hopes that someday, perhaps, they won't be remembered and come to haunt me back. When I think about them, I sometimes grieve and regret not remembering the details but always, after the emotional rush, I understand.

I understand that not all truths are constant and that time plays a vital role in our lives. I understand why some people are not meant to stay in our lives as much as we aren't allowed to stay in some.  And although sometimes I love to linger in denials, I have found a way to cope with the fact that what have been will always be special and cannot be relieved.

The brilliance of us has gone the way of the dreams long forgotten and dead. Tell me, how does one exactly tell the moon to swallow the sun and the whispered breaths  to bring back the ashes of  time which yesterdays have carried away?

Have you every paused and see the falling of the grace, to weep when stars shined down?

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