Delectable Dee

I got my internet connection at home cut off and I'll leave it at that until such time I deem myself worthy of such a convenience.  At the moment, I am enjoying this new found simplicity of not having to be anxious all the time. I am a self confessed internet junkie and in more ways than I can ever begin to explain, many things have been opened and just as well, scars have also been made.

This isn't as hard as I thought it would be, perhaps because I found myself at loss for words. I can't say I am uninspired for I am happy and content but just for now, there's this part of my life where even words cannot fill and satisfy...and amazingly so, I am not bothered by it.

Leave it for time to heal the gashes and mend the broken dreams, for prayers and grace to renew my faith and love to constantly  bring me to the consciousness of forgiveness.

This year holds such grand dreams and I am bent over doubles on my knees  struggling for patience and enlightenment.

I am also proud to say that even on the very festive season of Christmas and New Year, I lost 7 lbs. Yay discipline!

1/27/2009 03:16:06 am

i miss you, dee! happy to know you are happy. =)

yey to losing 7lbs! =) stay healthy.


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