Delectable Dee

The sister of a friend died. She was robbed at knife point, raped and then killed. Her body was then dumped into a sugarcane field. She had 23 stab wounds in her body, 15 of them in her stomach and breast. She was only 22. She just graduated and was about to start on her life. A life that ended too soon.

At this moment, it is so tempting to wish all kinds of illness and accidents and curses to the criminal but he is a criminal and all attention and energy must be directed to the family and friends who are grieving for the loss of a life that's barely started.

Prayers of comfort to the family and friends will be greatly appreciated.

9/19/2008 05:11:10 am

this is heartbreaking. right now, i just feel angry at the beast who did this barbaric act.

i will keep her and her family in my prayers.

9/21/2008 11:51:36 am

this is tragic and sad and scary. where did this happen? she'll be in our prayers. and i hope her family would have the strength to let her go eventually.

these days, one can never feel safe and secure.


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