Delectable Dee

So great is the sin of man.
Oh, so great.

I cannot even begin to understand the cruelty of man or from whence they come from. For a specie said to have soul, we sure have an abominable manner of showing it. If not for the Word of God, the Bible, I would dare think that we, as a specie is below the importance of the organisms that eats up the feces of animals.

Personally, of all God's creations, I think us, humans, are the nastiest, loathsome, repulsive, evil creatures that least deserves love. I mean, look at us! We're blatantly destroying the only planet we've got! The animals we call beasts all act upon instincts. Us humans, the so-called chart-topper in the taxonomy of life, the only specie said to have a highly developed brain, soul, reason, language, inquiry, wonder, longing, religion, morality, aesthetics, creativity, imagination, dreams and humor, claim to be much better than them. After all, we developed technology. But look at what we are doing! We act as if we are no more better than these "beasts" we claim to tame.

The nasty TRUTH.

The link leads to a video that is so revolting and heart breaking. I had to watch it though to be fully aware and to wake up to the alarming and utterly appalling seriousness of this crime so deceitfully cloaked by glamor and fame. If every drop of tear I've shed when I saw the video will cause a person who commits this act of barbarianism to drop dead, then I'd gladly cry a river.

Designers should STOP making clothes out of fur. People should boycott designers and labels who produce clothing made from real animal fur. I cannot understand how people could condone this nor could they look up and idolize people who encourage this crime. This is a battle everyone should take a part of.

Do you have a pet? How would you like for someone to skin your pet alive and wear him/her as a coat or a hat? Would you wear your pet? I don't think so.

May this post cause people to be aware of how twisted and repugnant the world has become to have people jovially praise and idolize people (with the likes of JLo/PDiddy/Beyonce/JayZ/Simmons - YES! I named names!) who condone and pedal this horrific "trade". Fur is MURDER. Wake up.

May God forgive us.
We don't deserve God's mercy.
Praise God for grace.

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