Delectable Dee

Of dreams recurring
and longings deterred,
a helpless quiet sigh escaped
fleeting and bare.

Could it be
a paradise void of bliss?
Can a sun weave ribbons of light
barren of warmth and life?

I wonder
is it deceit?

Reckless hunger,
hateful heedless lust;
how can a passion drive dreams
to crippled senseless satisfaction?

If perfection cannot be secured,
how do we tame
unbridled hopes?
Where do we find
an enough that is enough?
Where can we nurse
a burning desire that won't ever age?

If nothing is certain,
how will my heart learn to believe?


5/20/2008 03:02:04 am

nice one dee :)
i have the same questions too :(
but if nothing is certain, i think all we need is faith because it is believing of the uncertain :D

5/21/2008 07:27:58 pm

ohhh.... i envy you.. i miss my poetry muse.. where art thou? :(

well done from dee to dee.. eehe :D


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