Delectable Dee

I guess there are really things in life that are better left unsaid. There will always be times when you know you should have said it but even if the words were sprawled all over the tip of your tongue and your lips could barely contain themselves, you eventually know that you did good and right. Some things are just better left unsaid.

Sometimes, it is more sensible to just swallow it all and force a smile and bid the person goodbye and take care. In a life where the only certian things are death, taxes and change, perhaps it's wise to expect that changes are meant to keep us from harming ourselves, eventually. There are stories and lines where after a period, should just naturally end. You can't take an old chapter of your life to a new one. It's just not right. It just isn't.

Another blind fact: if a person really wants something so bad, he/she will get it. How many times have I seen or read this? How many times have I known this yet decided to turn the blind eye? Sometimes, because of my own selfish desires and desperation, I conjure up convinient reasons to cover-up certain incompetencies and I tell myself things will be alright. But they never are and will never be. 

That being said, move on.

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