Delectable Dee

I wish you know yourself better than the mere guesses you do and the feeble attempts of individuality and rather be sure of who you are and what you want.

Your skepticism and unbelief has blinded you from the truth that you have been desperately groping for. You could have turned and found love begging on her knees for you to see her yet you decided not to. You exploited time in your futile attempts at understanding when you don't really believe. Do you know that time alone can really see and appreciate love in her truest sense?

Science doesn't have the answers for everything and cannot be trusted for absolutes. For what can be true today in science may very well be a lie the next. Did you really expect science to understand love? What a tragic funny fool you are.

 Please do not ask me questions you know I'm mincing my words to answer. Do not ask me questions I have spent the last decade of my life showing you the answers to. I don't want to break you so please don't ask me.

I wish you happiness and contentment. A love that's sure and true. May you find yourself at your own expense. Live and let live.

11/20/2008 04:13:54 am

"Do you know what time alone can really see and appreciate love in her truest sense?"

---oh my. very true. and i am amazed how the world fails to realize this Dee. thank you for reminding me :)


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