Delectable Dee

This shall be different.

I have been calling my
"firsts" as Eves because they have been the firsts [blogs] but I have decided that with this, I will break the mold.  I have been "moving" a lot lately, trying to find a niche where I can be completely myself without harboring the fear of being discovered by people I have been wanting to hide from.

I have jumped from one site to another, testing out the waters, so to say, and frequently, while in the middle of pouring out my sentiments, have felt the urge to "neutralize" the shades so what I paint with my words won't be too obvious to the insensitive eyes and heart of whom they're actually meant for.

Literally defeats the purpose, does it not?  I will not explain the feeling since I  owe it to no one.

Perhaps this shall shelter my anonymity for long and if so, I shall possibly stay.

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