Delectable Dee

Last time I checked, Mikey and Rich own me. I checked again and they still own me. I am currently broke so I can't afford to buy myself from them. Not to mention that those two buggers are filthy rich. *grins*

So, yeah. There's this guy I don't know who keeps on buying me. I imagine he's got a stack of moolah because he can afford to outbid both Rich and Mikey. He seems content with me owning him as well. He sent me a note saying "You can own me". He could easily buy himself from me if he wanted to.

I bought a couple of people and I'm still waiting for their friends to buy them off me so I may get some profit. I'm stuck with the "next" button (a technique Mikey told me) and with giving human gifts 3 times a day.

I can understand if this doesn't make sense to you. I'm talking about the game OWNED. Other than that, I'm hooked up with playing Dope Wars. Tee hee. Matt is stuck with 7 recruits.


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