Delectable Dee

Note: Pineapple and a glass of cold chocolate milk as a midnight snack isn't very friendly to the tummy.

I've been sick for two days now and I am hoping to be well and able by tomorrow, at dawn if possible. I have so much to do that I've put off because I have been too dehydrated and weak. I am not a bread person but bread's all that I've been eating that somehow stays put inside my tummy. Such anguish. Ugh.

I need to call the embassy tomorrow. The sooner I can get these things done with, the better.

Have you ever tasted Nestle's Banoffee Ice cream? I somehow find it funny tasting in a weird sort of way. I took a spoonful and decide it's not for me so it's been in the freezer for a week now. My sister tried it too and so did mom. So I figure that they both found the taste weird as well.

I heard Magnolia's back. I haven't seen any Magnolia product being distributed in the stores here so I'll be watching for them. I really loved their Flavor of the Month gimmick.

I am looking forward to spending Christmas with Frank and his family but seeing as how things are going at this rate, I better not keep my hopes up. Summer in Ireland, then?

I am also excited for Thanksgiving. Much of the reason for it is the choir. I miss singing.

Everyday, I find glorious reasons to thank God for a blessed life and for loving me so much, He gave me Frank. Everyday, there's a new found hope and reason to celebrate. Everyday, I see myself beautiful and loved.

It's all about love.

10/24/2008 04:28:14 am

that midnight snack combination sounds weird to me :D
i will pray for your Christmas vacation in Ireland dee :)
i am also excited to spend Christmas in Cebu and with my lalabs..hehe :)
haaayyy this long distance love affair :D

10/29/2008 02:34:49 pm

Magnolia disappeared? Noooo! Magnolia ice cream isn't just ice cream - it's a personal decision, a lifestyle, a legend. Okay, I exaggerate. Hahaha. But seriously, I've been getting my daily Magnolia bars so I'm wondering why you said they're back.


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