Delectable Dee

What have I been up to?

I've been quite busy, lately. And I've had so many things to write about, too. Oh, and I have been writing, just not here, though.

I meant to write about a certain particular topic for so many times now, something which really bothered me, to say the least.

The more I love, the more I learn about hate and the more I understand how people can be bitter. But I think there is a certain point in time where one can still take a step back and actually choose not to take the path to bitterness.

I have decided not to be bitter and that I have had enough of you. You don't control me and I will not allow the pain you've caused to drive me to misery.

Someday, I will forget and someday, I will read everything I have written here. I think I will mourn and hate you for as long a time as I grieve you but when I have exhausted every bit of emotion I have for you, I will forget and I want to make sure you stay that way...forgotten.

Suffice it to say that I have bled your name in paper and slowly, with each deep stroke of the pen, you ebb away. It will be burned and will be forgotten someday. But in these pages where I'll still read through years from now, you will not have the satisfaction to linger here.

I have never been the kind to give up easily on friends and usually, when I place people on a pedestal, they're considered gilded and on some special cases, golden to the core. You are the first. That's why you shall remain name-less.  I thought wrong.

You live, you learn, eh?

I will not pretend. I don't wish you well. Every time I think back on what had been good times with you, all I see are scorned moments, all pretend laughter and smiles reeking with poisonous doubt. You vile, faithless and selfish pig, once a cheater, always a cheater. I hope you feel the pain of betrayal he felt when you cheated on him.

You are such blasphemy in the name of friendship.

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