Delectable Dee

My Love
there  are immortal moments of us
and daily I strive to outlive them

to render everything bleak
to swim in whispers of prayer
and sighs so tangible
as the dancing blades of the field
to soar in the arms of hope
and have dreams touch your face
tangling the wild abandon of your hair

let us find beauty
bask in the candid glory of everything bare
seek moments defined by faith
and know
everything is possible
and reason is blind
the truth lies here
in the small cluttered gap
between you and me
where breaths mingle with sighs
and shadows paint crimson hues
and whispers blow gilded secrets

you break me
and amaze me
letting me fall
and catching me
and swooning
and adored

and you
you are the melody that fiddles
the dance that sends embers
and consuming
burning me
and you
you love me
like blessed light gracing my darkness
finding beauty in my ashes

your story is
entwined with mine
shadow and the light
the saving grace
and the fallen

3/18/2009 11:28:05 am

i want to eat this poem, with bare hands. :)
kanami ah, daw nahidlaw ko sa pamatyagan. hahaha.
i miss writing mad. so mad that you have no space for reason. haha.



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