Delectable Dee

Sometimes, we get so complacent with everything good that is seemingly constant in our lives that we tend to forget their value and how lost we were before them. The same applies to the people in our lives. We love and we know that we too, are loved and we bathe in the bliss of knowing  that true love is and should be forever.

And then something happens and it shatters our complacency and we are suddenly rattled and at a loss for anything that could stabilize our shaken foothold. That's when we realize that nothing is absolute except the time we have now and more over, life is indeed trivial.

Only in shattered dreams and broken lives do we really feel the weight of everything we hold dear. It's is only through threats of loss do we realize that indeed, change is inevitable.

Since we don't really have an absolute stake on anything more that what we have now, I think we owe it to the people we hold in highest regard to let them know that they are cherished. I know that one of the best feelings in the world is to be appreciated. I don't really believe that constantly saying "I love you" cheapens its value. Love is one of the rarest and most mysterious  things in life that cannot be depleted nor be devalued. After all, these mere words can mean the world to someone and has been since time immemorial, the foundation of every dream and every hope worth dying for.

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