Delectable Dee

Patience is a very trying word. So is forgiveness.

Tell me, how do you imagine patience must look like?

I've learned before that there are several kinds of patience. The patience I pray to develop is the kind of patience God bestows upon us. I think patience and forgiveness come hand in hand. Forgiveness is the thread that holds patience together.

I see patience as this net or cloth that breaks our fall. When we lose our foothold, when we slip, when we err and fall down from grace, patience, strengthened by forgiveness breaks our fall.

For what is patience without forgiveness? I don't think one could exist without the other. So, if one imagines patience to be this long, brittled and stretched rubber band that's about to snap, then I guess the heart was hurt too severely that forgiveness is currently unavailable, hence patience is numbered.

I am forever grateful that love cannot be depleted. And that love is strong enough when it is good and pure. I cannot imagine where we all would be if not for love.

Having said that, I am happy to have finally come to terms with some unfinished business from the past. I have lost a friend and for that, I am sad. Sad is an understatement, even. But I am at a loss for words and perhaps, it is better that way.

I don't want to say good-bye. Good-bye is so final. I still secretly hope that we'd both once again see things in the same light and we can agree and laugh and exchange I Love Yous.

This dance has finally ended but perhaps, the song will play again someday. It would be nice to remember things at their best. When I was your muse and you were a friend in its truest sense and more.

I accidentally broke the stone-carved jewelry holder.

6/25/2008 03:02:50 pm

i secretly liked finding writers speak in blurs because straightforward truth may be too much to bear.

for listening to that person inside you, feeling her and weeping too, thank you very much.


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