Delectable Dee

An old friend's name appeared to be "on-line" earlier and my breath got knocked-out from me for a quick moment. How long has it been? Four? Perhaps even five years now.

Oh, God! Memories. Lots of them.

sometimes the time just sweeps away
and you're left with yesterday
left with the memories
i always think of you and smile

Now I'm wondering....did it not dawned on us that nothing lasts forever? I still have the pictures. They bring back all the memories, both of fond and tragic ones. Memories I try so hard to hold on to while time's vindictive claws treacherously try to constantly blot them to oblivion. I miss us. Look at us. We were happy and young and innocent. Are you happy now, wherever life's taken you?

please remember
i was there for you
and you were there for me
please remember
our time together
when time was yours and mine
and we were wild and free

Ahhh...but look at the precious sunset! Remember how we used to walk for miles to reach the most secluded marine sanctuaries and frolic in the water along with the fishes and marvel at the beauty of the world under the sea? Didn't we think that we'd be doing just that for an eternity of weekends? Who cared if we didn't have money? We were blissfully happy. Do you still remember? We were too happy and content to care what people thought of us and we shared thousands upon thousands of heart-felt whimsical dreams. Didn't we think we'd be traveling all over motherland by now, soaking up the sun and laughing the time away?

Who’s to know what might have been
We’ll leave behind a life and time
We’ll never know again

But that
was the problem, was it not? We got a taste of the best and now nothing just compares. Time has a way of changing things and people and things past will forever belong to the past. I hope I don't lose the memories. I hope to see you again. Perhaps we can make yet another great memory. Maybe, just maybe we'll get to know how it's like again...even in a different time and place.

And how we laugh and how we smile
And how this world was yours and mine
And how a dream was out of reach
I stood by you, you stood by me
We took each day and made it shine
We wrote our names across the sky
We ride so fast, we ride so free
I had you and you had me

We really did have such a time. A time when you were my muse. You saw my nakedness and I heard your snores.  We saw countless births of ourselves and together we buried our dreams, lost and forgotten. I saw through your eyes and you spoke through my mouth. We held hands and we made plans. We understood. We laughed and we belonged. We laughed out loud and we were free. We were friends. Now, what are we?

A moment?

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