Delectable Dee

I don't care if he loves to jump on top of buildings wearing a pointed mask and a black cape. The fact that he wears eyeliners around his eyes under the mask is of no importance. He is most definitely not emo. It's perfectly fine, I'll even share eyeliners with him. *giggles*

I'd flinch everytime I'd see and nurse his wounds for him but I'll never ask him to give up his calling. I'd spend half if not all night on my knees praying for his safely.  I'd be ready with breakfast on my lap ready for him to eat everyday when he comes home and I'd lovingly massage him until he's relaxed and floats to sleep.

But what must I do for him to notice me? I'm but a poor nobody. Sure, I'm gorgeous and sexy but that's also debatable (damnit!). Perhaps, I'll make my own call signal? "Help! Beautiful dreamer in her and she'll reward you with kisses stringed with poetry all throughout your life!"

Ah, Dark Knight! Come hither...your true love is calling out for you. *giggles*


Plurk is down. They're getting "new shoes" according to their error page. Very original, too. Hooomans. cute is that?

7/18/2008 03:51:17 am

ROFLOL.. go Batman!!! .. you get an admirer in da Philippines!

7/18/2008 10:01:54 am

hahahah... this got me laughing. i love batman too.:-)

7/19/2008 02:35:46 am

oh gosh! and i thought someone asked you to marry him! hahaha! can't blame you, the batman is... hmmm, sexy.

7/21/2008 02:02:45 pm

hmmmm sorry im not a fan of batman but he sure is sexy in his outfit...hehe.
so this is the batman you're drooling?hehehe :D


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