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LOVE is a decision.

It is also a VERB.

Falling in love is a lie (where true love is concerned, anyway). When one falls in love, that also means that one is bound to fall out of love. Where is the commitment there, then? Love don't "just happen". Loving someone is a conscious decision. A decision is made and so there is the commitment. There is an effort. There is value.

If love just pops out from nowhere like mushrooms do after a storm, where would that leave you? Nothing was done, no energy was used up, it's free...then what's it's value? After the first sight of a road block, the basic instinct for you would be to bail out. I mean, why would anyone stick and risk one's own neck for something one didn't even lifted a finger for to happen?

The term falling in love, I think, is confused with attraction.

I kept on thinking about it and I realized that I wound never want to end up with somebody who just "fell in love" with me. I mean, seriously, sure, he loves me now, but what about tomorrow or the day after next? What if one morning he wakes up  only to "realize" that just as easily, he now "fell out of love" from me? Wouldn't that be awful?

What I want is someone who decided to love me through and through, along with all my stupidities and imperfections. Somebody who made a conscious decision to love me while being aware that all my "annoying days" that he's witnessed maybe still just not the worst yet. Yet he still preferred to love me, anyway.

It may not sound so romantic like they way they put it in the movies but yes, true love is a DECISION.

4/10/2008 01:39:56 pm

i so agree.... *hands down*

VERY nice posts you have here. i got ur link thru a comment in my blog. Im glad it lead me here.

p.s: and we even have the same name? LOL. :)

4/11/2008 02:16:35 am

i once wrote an entry -- love is a verb. and i agree with you, love is a decision. a commitment. it is an act of the will -- to stay, to forgive, to love constantly despite spats, shortcomings, early morning breaths, bad hair days, and extra pounds. =)

5/15/2008 04:59:11 pm

i agree with you!
true love is not just falling in love. it is indeed a decision and a commitment. :D


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