Delectable Dee

Last few months, I whined to my two best friends about my frustrations in love.

He said, love's not supposed to be explained. Perhaps it it supposed to be without reason.  If explained further, it will become science.

She said, a person who could not explain love or why he/she loves doesn't understand love at all, or at least, could not fully grasp the concept or the emotion.

One time, when Frank told me "I love you", I asked him WHY?

He said he doesn't know.What does he mean he doesn't know? He must know! Else, he wouldn't say it. However, not wanting to look like a love starved fool, I didn't push the questions nagging what little sanity I have left. I let it all go. Maybe, I though, now is NOT the right time. Why force someone to spit out what he's not ready to spit out?

I reasoned to myself, he does show it anyway. So what if my egotistic attention seeking whore isn't pacified? He does make me feel like I'm the world to him. He calls me his Princess. He thinks I'm beautiful and sexy. Hah! Sexy. Me. If that's not love, the  I don't know what is.

Yesterday, I told Frank I had a dream. I saw in my dream that he got weary of waiting for me and decided to replace me with another woman. She was beautiful and sexy and seemingly all too perfect.

I know I'm very insecure. If you knew all about my childhood, you would, too. I told Frank that I was bothered by my dream because I have dreams that all came true. A lot of them, actually, while growing up.

If I could freeze a treasured time, hide it somewhere safe that cannot be robbed or corrupted by time, It would have been last night.He told me, he could have any girl he wanted but he choose me (read: constant and renewing decision) because I'm different. Because I am the girl he's been waiting for all his life.

Now, I can't stop giggling. Life is good.

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