Delectable Dee

I may not be a myriad of many awesome things but one thing I know 
and I'm damn sure about:

I am fiercely loyal to those  I've  decided to love and care.

Now that we've settled that, I hope it is also then apparent that who I love and care about are none of your business. 

Second chances will always be something I feel I'll never deserve and yet hope to always get. I love who I love and it really shouldn't upset you who and why. If I could help who to love, then I wouldn't be loving the lot of you now, would I?

Betrayal is and will always be a big issue for me but who am I to trample on forgiveness when I feel so strongly for it? You betrayed me once, too, remember? So how come we're friends still now? I forgive but I rarely ever forget.

So I find it highly offensive that you feel you own the right to be disappointed at me for being friends with someone you have personal issues with. 

I am my own person.

Don't you forget that.


You should try grace, for a change.
It does the soul lots of good.

11/9/2010 07:37:41 am

wow. these words are beautiful.

you are awesome dee.=) awesome awesome..


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