Delectable Dee

I wonder, how many times do you have to say it before you truly begin to mean it.  Just like how absolute my words are everytime I say I'm done chasing the wind. Words are easy. Intentions can be quite a feat but they're never really that contending. I know, in some way, you do mean what you say just like I mean what I say. Let's both grow up and own up.

Turning the other cheek isn't particularly my style but I'm beginning to think that somehow, it's mandatory every now and then when you decide to finally let go fo all childish and silly things. Must I hit you back everytime your words sting me? It's a vicious cycle, really. Perhaps, this time, I should just wash my hands of you.

What's the point of striving to keep things the way it was before when we both know it'll never work, just like before. Deliberate stupidity. Why not just let go and save us both the tragedy of corrupting what's still precious? We talk and pretend nothing's wrong but we both know things are messed up.

When you ask me how I am doing and I say I'm fine, you know I'm not but you however, say good and know that I know that you lie. Liars. You know I lie just like how I know you know I'm not well. Why do you have to ask? You know I'll lie anyway.

I've finally decided that I won't have of this circus show. I refuse to engage in a patched-up mediocre charm driven by the shadows of yesterday. I know you'll say you don't care and I know you'll be lying just like I am now.

I'll say things dont matter anymore and you will agree. Perhaps, you'll shrug your shoulders and I'll do the same but after we've walked away from each other, just before I turn around the block you and disappear inside that building, you will look back and see me hastily turn away.

We both know better. Friends forever.

Do you still remember?

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