Delectable Dee

I remember the time your heart left the Emerald Isle and your smile fluttered upon my sugar laden Pacific shore, I caught my breath on my throat and my heart was suddenly rendered feeble, too fragle to take another beat. I thought I would die, like an invisible hand was gripping my chest but suddenly, your name escaped my lips so naturally, it sprang from me like fresh clean water gush out from springs. And when we touched, it felt so candid and innate, like the feeling of a soft lullaby carressing  the tender cheeks of a sleeping babe.

Now this nostalgia of how we were is so great I find myself thinking of you all my waking hours, branding your memory into my being and breathing your name in my sleep.

My lips still remember how you felt like, my skin remembers how your hot breath feels like and my whole being tingles with how it felt like to be in your arms, to hear you whisper to me that you love me. To be away from you is torture. To know that you're unbearably near yet impossibly far is beyond patience and desire.

Oh, but to know that every sunset to  leave me anticipating is one step to the dawn of bliss of when we're together again. It won't be too long now, when your sun will once again shine upon these longing shores and when finally I'll leave my caramel glaced isle and soar my way to your arms.

sunset veiled by sugar canes
Talisay City, Negros Island

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