Delectable Dee

So yay, I lost weight! Yesterday, I was able to fit into a pair of pants I last wore two years ago and I didn't even have to suck my tummy in.

I know that when you're very very overweight, a couple of pounds might not be noticeable but nevertheless, I'm happy!

I have noticed the difference two weeks ago but just kept things to myself because I know that instead of encouragement, I will be met with the usual, "You're still too fat!" and I've hated that since time immemorial. And just as I expected, I was indeed told that what few pounds I lost were close to insignificant because apparently, I'm still too fat and big.

But today, I don't care what other people say. I have made progress and any tiny bit of progress is nonetheless progress in itself. I am happy and proud and I plan to keep on losing more.

And look! My arms are definitely smaller and I have a bit of a waist now, too!

11/30/2008 01:21:22 pm

way to go dee! i like to celebrate every small victory too, it keeps me motivated. =) yes, the difference is very noticeable. congratulations!

11/30/2008 06:02:01 pm


12/1/2008 09:42:41 am

yes, you actually did yan! :) i can't wait to see you. hey, still up for that overnight stay in our bukid? hehe.


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